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11/24/2014:    The month of November is dedicated to preparing Winter WeatherSt. Louis area residents for winter weather hazards to help make this winter safer.  The All Ready STL Campaign suggests that all St. Louis area residents should take a few extra steps to be ready for winter weather.  Make a Plan.  Prepare a Kit.  Be Informed. NEW!
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10/10/2014:    Fires are Fire Prevention Weekone of the most common emergencies in the United States. In 2013, fire departments responded to 1,240,000 fires that injured almost 20,000 people and resulted in over 4,000 lost lives. People with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to fires. Between 2007 and 2011, physical disability was identified as a contributing factor in 15% of home (including apartment) fire deaths, where almost 30% of those who lost their lives were unable to exit their homes. 
The good news is deaths and injuries are preventable through preparation. Installing and testing smoke alarms and developing evacuation plans are important steps in making sure you and your family safe they can save lives.
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02/21/2014:  The new 2014 Winter Newsletter of the All Ready STL newsletter is now out, and is available on the RESOURCES page of this website!

12/23/2013:  The 2013 Holiday edition of the All Ready STL newsletter was released.

12/19/2013: Did you know that all of the AllReadySTL newsletters are available for download on the RESOURCES page of this website?
                 - 2012 Fall Newsletter
                 - 2012-2013 Winter Newsletter
                 - 2013 Spring Newsletter
                 - 2013 Summer Newsletter
                 - 2013 Fall Newsletter
                 - 2013 Special Edition
              - 2013 Holiday Edition
              - 2014 Winter Newsletter NEW!

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You may not know when or how an emergency will strike, but it's still possible to feel confident and prepared for a wide variety of circumstances by following the three simple steps of emergency preparedness.

Take a look around our website. We believe you'll find just the tools and information you need to protect what's important in your life and find the peace of mind in knowing you're "All Ready."
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