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Today, disasters and emergencies have moved to the forefront of national conversation. There are entire TV shows, movies, websites and magazines devoted to the natural disasters and other emergencies that have impacted the United States as well as how one can prepare for these events.  Local resources, including City, County, and State resources often provide you with the information you need to be safe.

Trustworthy Local, State and Federal resources to help you and your family prepare for and stay safe during an emergency can be found from your emergency management agencies, departments of transportation, and partner agencies.  Find your jurisdiction to know what resources are available to you in your community.  You can also sign up for emergency text alerts via Nixle Notifications for free by finding your jurisdiction.
 City of St. Louis
 Emergency Management Agency:

St. Louis County, MO
Office of Emergency Management: 

St. Charles County, MO
Division of Emergency Management:
Nixle:  no web link currently available

Jefferson County, MO
Office of Emergency Management:
Nixle:  no web link currently available

Franklin County, MO
Emergency Management Agency:

St. Clair County, IL
Emergency Management Agency:

Madison County, IL
Emergency Management Agency:

Monroe County, IL
Emergency Management Agency:
Nixle:  no web link currently available

Local media outlets are also a great source for information about what to do when an emergency happens.  These outlets might help provide you information about where to go and what to do to keep your family, business, and pets safe if a disaster happens.  The AllReadySTL Twitter ( and Facebook ( accounts also have regular tips on what to do when an emergency happens. 

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  Are You Ready For ANY Emergency?
Are You Ready For An Emergency?
Find out where to go when you need information before, during and after an emergency.
  What's In An Emergency Kit?
Pull together the essentials you need to survive for a few hours or a few days.
  Resources In Your Neighborhood.
Learn more about the types of emergencies we could face in the St. Louis region, and how to prepare.
Emergency preparedness isn't just the concern of emergency management officials and first responders. It's a responsibility we all have to ourselves, our families, and our community. Find out what emergency plans the St. Louis region has in place, and familiarize yourself with how you can receive information in the event of an emergency. Learn what types of emergencies could occur in St. Louis so you can be ready, no matter what comes your way. Also, if you have children, it's important to know the emergency preparedness plans of your child's school or daycare.

Above you'll find links to access information about regional emergency plans, and also where to turn for news, should there be a community-wide emergency.
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